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Is Your Social Anxiety On High Alert?

Are you staring at the walls, panicking about the conversations that are about to happen? Are you having a hard time making eye contact? What about putting two strings of words together? Did you forget what it’s like to have a conversation? You’re not alone if you feel this way. My social anxiety came back during the lockdown.

Here's What Happened

After years of working through my social anxiety and managing it as much as possible, I reverted back to my old self after 10 weeks of lockdown last year in 2020. Yikes. It drove me crazy. I knew it was just a phase but I wanted to get over it FAST. So I came up with a framework on how to do just that. Which is what you're getting in this course. It helped me, so I KNOW it can help you.

The Course

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    The 5 Guidelines

    • Guideline 1

    • Guideline 2

    • Guideline 3

    • Guideline 4

    • Guideline 5

  • 3

    Part 1: The Foundation - You Are Here

    • Part 1 Intro

    • Social Anxiety Is Like A Breathing Entity

    • #1: You Don't Believe In Your Story

    • #2: You Want To Be Someone Else

    • #3: You're Not Interested In Your Environment

  • 4

    Part 2: It's All About You

    • Part 2 Intro

    • #1: Own & Believe In Your Story

    • #2: Be The Interesting Person You Want To Be

    • #3: Don't Let The Inner Trolls Come Out

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    Part 3: It's About Them Too

    • Part 3 Intro

    • How To Rock That First Impression

    • The Psychology Of Smiling

    • Conversations Sizzle & Die - Not Yours

    • Hook Them Before They Walk Away

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    Part 4: Social Anxiety's Got Nothing On You

    • Part 4 Intro

    • 3 Things to remember about Social Anxiety

    • The End

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About Me

Roxana Alexandru

I’m Roxana – a full time introvert. I help other introverts become socially confident. As a former socially anxious person, I know how hard it is to be yourself in social situations without letting anxiety get the best of you. I created Honestrox to provide the best content to help you become the best version of YOU. Whether that’s getting better at making conversations, or feeling more comfortable in your own skin, I’m here to help you. My motto is: Let your introvert out. Because you’re worth knowing.